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OB-GYN North Dallas is pleased to offer 3D Mammography

OB-GYN North Dallas is pleased to offer our patients the latest technology and convenience in women's health care. In our effort to provide one-stop, annual well-woman exams, we are now offering the convenience of 3D mammography in our office for your annual breast screening.

Mammograms are x-ray images of the breast. They allow doctors to screen for early signs of breast cancer and other abnormalities in the breast tissue that might not be felt during a routine breast exam. When breast cancer is found early, it is easiest to treat and produces the best possible outcome. It is recommended that when a woman reaches age 40, that she receives an annual mammogram.

Our mammography services include:

  • Screening mammograms to look for signs of breast cancer when no symptoms or lumps are present
  • Digital mammograms produce high quality x-ray images that are saved as a file in a computer and can be reviewed immediately
  • 3D mammograms are similar to regular mammograms except that multiple images are taken at various angles, and a computer puts those images together into a 3D digital image of the breast. Learn more about 3D mammography below

A mammogram is a simple, painless procedure that we can do right in the office. Our gynecologists, nurses, and x-ray technicians will make you feel comfortable and at ease during your mammogram.

If you want to read more about women’s health and breast exams, please visit our OB/GYN library.

Call (972) 981-7777 and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to help you schedule a mammogram at OB-GYN North Dallas.

3D Mammography FAQs

What is a 3D mammography breast exam?

A 3D mammography exam is very similar to a traditional 2D mammogram, but far more accurate in earlier breast cancer detection than any other mammogram. Like a 2D mammogram, the technologist will position you, compress your breast, and take images from different angles.

3D mammography works by capturing multiple slices (images) of the breast from several angles, creating a layered three-dimensional breast image. Our radiologist is then able to review your breast, one thin slice at a time, almost like turning pages in a book, which helps them make a more accurate diagnosis. Unlike a 2D traditional mammography, where doctors can only see the front cover of the book because they are viewing all of the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, 3D mammography allows for more detail to be seen.

Is there any additional compression?

There's no additional compression required with 3D mammography, and it only takes a few seconds longer.

Why we recommend 3D mammography

3D mammography is simply a better mammogram. This technology is clinically proven, and it's the most accurate mammogram available. It is the biggest breakthrough in breast cancer detection in 30 years.

Facts about 3D mammography

  • 3D mammography is clinically proven to be superior to a regular 2D mammogram.
  • Several large studies have shown that 3D mammography detects 41% more invasive breast cancers and reduces the chance that you will need to be called back for additional views by up to 40%.
  • 3D mammography is approved for all women who would be undergoing a standard mammogram regardless of age or breast type - or whether you are coming in for a screening and/or diagnostic mammogram. Contact your insurer to verify that you are covered for the 3D mammography procedure.
  • Very little X-ray dose is used during the 3D mammography exam, just about the same amount as a traditional film mammogram and well within the FDA safety standards for mammography.
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